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Line 9 goes with the Han River, the symbol of Seoul, and there are life of Seoulites, metro culture, and bright smile all together.
Seoul Metro Line 9 is always with your delightful journey.

METRO9 Introduction Film

Every morning in Seoul,
Metro 9 is on track to bring you better journeys.

Since its opening on July 24, 2009,
it has been quickly and safely taking people
from one location to another across Seoul until now.

What do you think Metro9 would be like in the future?

Reserved Seats for pregnant women
show how much we care about every one of you with all our might.

Through Going for Care Program
we aim to improve our system and provide the quality services for your convenience.

We have an efficient operational system that puts top priority on our customers by integrating the roles of the on-site operations and headquarters, cultivating multi-players, and making fast decisions.

Beyond customer service,
Metro 9 provide you with the warmest services by caring about what customers think and feel.

Metro 9 changed a paradigm of urban railways.

It provides the first express subway train that greatly reduces the travel time and allows you to travel between the west and the south of Seoul within 30 minutes.

Metro9 made a successful opening of Phase 2 in 2015, and continue to work on Phase 3 to bring you to travel faster than ever between the east and the west of Seoul along the Han River.

A line that transforms today into a brighter future is Seoul Metro Line 9.

What is as important as running fast?
The answer is to run safely every day.

For that reason, we installed platform safety doors at all stations to prevent slip and fall accidents, noises, and train back draft.

We introduced open gangways and expanded its width so that customers with wheelchairs or baby strollers can easily move between cars.

In case of emergency, for the quick evacuation, we installed additional emergency exits on the front and back of the cars.

Customer safety is our top priority, therefore we use nonflammable interior materials and cutting-edge fire alarm systems under the OCC-centered systematic safety control system.

Uncompromising Safety is our company’s credo.

Metro9 is a reliable companion for you.

You will feel refreshed just as you visit a park
once you step inside Korea’s first underground garden built inside a Metro9 station.

We have created an eco-friendly garden decorated with air-purifying plants and a waterfront space to build a refreshment zone for customers.

Furthermore, we provide various amenities and services such as moving walkaways in the transfer passageways, and TDI displays inside and outside stations that shows you train information for your convenience.

We also attempt to turn the station to a place for arts and culture by installing various art works and building concert halls, galleries, and publication show room.

Metro 9 is a place of joy.

You can enjoy 120 trendy shops including beauty salons, cafe, restaurants, and clothing shops.
And also eye-catching advertisements as well as convenient stores where you can buy subway tickets are all available.

Metro 9 is your good friend.

Our stable business structure allows us
to keep providing differentiated services and improving them.

The concessionaire, Seoul Metro Line 9 Corporation manages the private investments and ancillary business,

The operation is done by Seoul Line 9 Operation Company, a subsidiary of global transport operators, TRANSDEV and RATP Dev.

Rolling-stock maintenance is done by Maintrans, a subsidiary of Hyundai Rotem.

This integral operation system across the whole sectors guarantees the competitiveness and stable operation of the line.

Metro 9 is a new role model in the urban railway industry as a successful private investment project for the public good.

Our innovations are continuing even today.

A place with a warm heart,

your fast and reliable companion,

a place that welcomes you every day,

and where your dreams come true.

Our efforts to deliver the warmest and sincerest heart will continue.