Sustainable Development

We practice Quality MGMT, Eco-friendly MGMT and CSR activity for sustainable development in the long term.
And we pursue contribution to local community and mutual prosperity for harmonious development of company, community and environment.

Sustainable Vision

지속가능 발전을 지향하는 서울시메트로9호선(주) 고객감동 최우선의 친환경기업 서울시메트로9호선(주)는 지역사회의 발전과 미래를 위해 지속가능한 성장을 추구합니다. 품질경영, 환경경영, 윤리경영, 사회공헌

Management Policy

Quality & Environmental

Metro9 has established the Quality & Environmental Management System to provide customer with safe, reliable and pleasant transportation service and fulfill the requirements and expectations of the customers and the interested parties. We shall conduct as below in order to achieve continuous improvement and enhance the satisfaction of the internal and external customers.

  • 01. Enhance the customer satisfaction with differentiated service quality management
  • 02. Realize eco-friendly management by observing the environmental law and other requirements
  • 03. Pursue sustainable improvement by minimizing the environmental effect and preventing pollution
  • 04. Continuously improve the quality and environmental performances through efficient resource management and monitoring
  • This policy will be declared internally and externally, and all employees shall be committed to the quality and environmental management system.
Safety Health

Metro9, where 「Safety First」 is fundamental principle, recognize safety of staff and customer as prime value, and by, establishing Global Safety Hearty Management System that keep up with principles and regulations we shall improve service and satisfaction through unremitting efforts and continuous improvement, and perform the duties with emphasis on minimizing casualties and losses.

  • 01. Establish autonomous safety culture by habituation of safety management
  • 02. Prevent Railroad accidents or disruptions with SMS (Safety Management System)
  • 03. Guarantee facility and operational safety through preventive inspection
  • 04. Enhance ability to response to accident through continuous training
  • 05. Ensure all employees health through close health management
  • This policy will be communicated internally and externally, all employees shall reinforce their safety committed and shall be committed to safety management system.


품질경영 보다 빠르고 안전한 시민의 발 9호선 - 고객감동서비스, 안정관리강화, 성장역량 강화 / 환경경영 Eco-9호선과 함께 하는 쾌적한 세상 - 실내공기질 관리, 소음최소화 수질정화 / 윤리경영 기업의 윤리, 약속 그리고 책임 - 법류 및 규범 준수, 청렴문화 정착, 협력 업체 상생 / 사회공헌 지역사회와 동반성장하는 아름다운 동행 - 지역밀착봉사, 다각적 기부, 사회복지단체 후원