CEO Greetings

Metro9 delivers safety and happiness to customers Welcome to the website of Metro9


As the first operator of express services of Seoul's metro operations Metro9 contributes saving time for our customers in effective way in between Gang-seo area and Gang-dong area of Seoul. Additionally, we emplace escalators and elevators in all of our stations for our customer's convenience.

Thanks to our strenuous efforts and customers' warm support, Metro9 has achieved as one of essential subway lines in Seoul. Now, on average it serves half a million passengers every day.

The first priority for Metro9 is “safety” We have been our best effort to offer safe and comfortable service for customers through fulfilling task with high-tech facilities. We promise that we will keep operating Metro9 as a steady and reliable operation by inspecting facilities and equipment regularly. And we believe it is our duty in making Metro9 the safest possible.

In addition, we will improve Metro9 as the place for the most alive culture. Metro9 offer not only ecological park(Heukseok, Nodeu stations), performance stage(Express Bus Terminal station ), book square(Sinnonhyeon station) but will also include the exhibition and performance for all ages. We will continuously aim to provide a transportation experience that gives people an enjoyment with the best possible culture at the same time on Metro9 through our constant dedication to this service.

We are determined to provide safety and convenience to our customers in continuous way as follows;

We will do our best to ensure the safety of Metro9.

We will always put ourselves in a customer's shoes and aim to deliver the best we can.

We will make everyone feel happy with Metro9 through mutual support and cooperation.

We will contribute our heart and soul into given tasks with a sense of passion.

Thank you again for your patronage and support, we look forward to your continuous guidance for Metro9.