Basic Fare

Basic Fare By Type(Adult, Youth/Student, Children)
Type Transportation Card Single journey Ticket
Adult 1,250KRW 1,350KRW
Youth/Student 720KRW 1,350KRW
Children 450KRW 450KRW

Considerations in Using Single journey

  • Avoid contacting the card with other transportation cards. Scan one card at a time on the terminal.
  • Single journey can be reloaded. If it is lost/damaged by mistake, you cannot retrieve your deposit.
  • If you entered your destination incorrectly and cannot get off, modify your destination (pay additional charge)
    at [Transportation Card Pay/Reload Kiosk] or with Customer Service Agent to get off.
  • If the terminal reads “Error” or does not respond to your card, please report to Customer Service Agent.
  • Single journey is not entitled transfer discounts.