Fare System

Subway Fares

Fare Structure
Fare Structure by Type(Basic Fare(Adult, Youth/Student, Children), Additional Fare)
Type Transportation Card Single journey Ticket
Basic Fare Adult 1,250KRW 1,350KRW
Youth/Student 720KRW 1,350KRW
Children 450KRW 450KRW
Additional Fare
  • 10km~50km : 100KRW for every 5km
  • After 50km : 100KRW for every 8km
Calculation of Fare(by the minimum travel distance base)

If passenger only takes subway inside of metropolitan area or outside of metropolitan area, Fare is calculated by the distance. But, If passenger takes subway in both areas, Fare is calculated inside of metropolitan area first and additional fare outside of metropolitan area is added by the following fare table for every 4km.

※ Separate fare structure of AREX(Cheongna~Incheon Int'l Airport) and Uijeongbu LRT(Balgok~Tapseok), Additional fare 900KRW for Sinbundang Line(Gangnam~Jeongja), Additional fare 200KRW for Yongin LRT(Giheung~Everland)

Calculation of Fare by Type(Basic Fare(Adult, Youth/Student(13~18yrs old), Children(6~12yrs old)), Additional Fare)
Type Fare
Basic Fare A. Adult (1) Transportation card
(2) Single journey ticket
B. Youth/Student(13~18yrs old) (1) Transportation card 720KRW
C. Children(6~12yrs old) (1) Transportation card
(2) Single journey ticket
Additional Fare D. Additional fare (1) Adult
(2) Youth/Student(Transportation card)
(3) Children

Only transportation card user

  • 20% discount of fare from first train to 6:30 : Only transportation card user
    ※ Except the case that passenger already takes other transportation before subway

Transfer Fare

If you transfer from subway to bus or village bus, the fare will be calculated based on the Integrated Distance System.
(There is no charge for transfers. Fares are calculated based on distance only.)
  • Basic fare by 10km, Additional fare is adde After 10km by travel distance
  • Regardless of type of transportation and number of transfers (up to 5 admissions), only base fare is charged for the base distance (10km) (free transfers).
    (Basic fare up to 30km for Seoul Metropolitan bus, Gyeonggi Direct Express Bus and Gyeonggi Express Bus)
  • If the total distance of travel after transfer(s) exceeds the base distance, additional fare by the above fare table is added for every 5km.
  • If the integrated fare is greater than the sum of fares of each type of transportation used, the latter is applied.
Types of Transportation
  • Seoul Bus (Arterial, Local, Circulation, Village, Metropolitan), Gyeonggi Bus (Local, Village, Seated Local, Seated Nonstop), Incheon bus, Transfers between Subways
How to Transfer
  • Contact Transportation Card on Terminal when getting on and getting off.
    ※ If Card is not read before getting off, your free transfer will be lost (must pay separate fares for each type of transportation).
  • Must get on the next transportation within 30 minutes to receive the integrated fare. (After 30 minutes, it will be considered a separate trip.)
    ※ Between 21:00 and 07:00, transfer time is extended to 60 minutes.


Amount of Penalty
  • Required fare for the trip plus 30 times that fare.
Object of penalty
  • One that enters the gate without a ticket.
  • One that alters the information on the ticket or uses an expired ticket.
  • One that unlawfully uses Special Ticket or Discounted Ticket without meeting the qualifications.
  • One that uses someone else’s periodical pass.
  • One that refuses to present the ticket to the attendant.
  • When a group larger than the maximum number admitted by Group Ticket gets on without additional tickets or when adults get on with children using Group Ticket for children.
  • One that uses an invalid Transportation Card or Transportation Card that is reported for theft, loss
  • One that attempts to use or uses other unlawful measures to use public transportation etc.

Commutation Ticket

  • Only for Seoul and 1 step by travel distance : 55,000KRW(Basic fare 1,250KRW × Additional 16times)
  • By travel distance(2step~14step): 58,800KRW∼102,900KRW(One-way fare × 44times × 15% discount)
1step ~ 14step Commutation Ticket
Step Fare of transportation card (One-way) Commutation Ticket (60times in 30days)
1 1,450KRW(20km 이내) 55,000KRW
2 1,550KRW(25km) 58,000KRW
3 1,650KRW(30km) 61,700KRW
4 1,750KRW(35km) 65,500KRW
5 1,750KRW(40km) 69,200KRW
6 1,950KRW(45km) 72,900KRW
7 2,050KRW(50km) 76,700KRW
8 2,150KRW(58km) 80,400KRW
9 2,250KRW(66km) 84,200KRW
10 2,350KRW(74km) 87,900KRW
11 2,450KRW(82km) 91,600KRW
12 2,550KRW(90km) 95,400KRW
13 2,650KRW(98km) 99,100KRW
14 2,750KRW(98km 초과) 102,900KRW

Fares by Distance

10km ~ 154km Fares by Distance
Distance Transportation Card Adult-way Ticket
Adult Youth/Student Children Adult (Youth/Student) Children
10km 1,250KRW 720KRW 450KRW 1,350KRW 450KRW
by 15km 1,350KRW 800KRW 500KRW 1,450KRW 500KRW
by 20km 1,450KRW 880KRW 550KRW 1,550KRW 550KRW
by 25km 1,550KRW 960KRW 600KRW 1,650KRW 600KRW
by 30km 1,650KRW 1,040KRW 650KRW 1,750KRW 650KRW
by 35km 1,750KRW 1,120KRW 700KRW 1,850KRW 700KRW
by 40km 1,850KRW 1,200KRW 750KRW 1,950KRW 750KRW
by 50km 1,950KRW 1,280KRW 800KRW 2,050KRW 800KRW
by 58km 2,050KRW 1,360KRW 850KRW 2,150KRW 850KRW
by 66km 2,150KRW 1,440KRW 900KRW 2,250KRW 900KRW
by 74km 2,250KRW 1,520KRW 950KRW 2,350KRW 950KRW
by 82km 2,350KRW 1,600KRW 1,000KRW 2,450KRW 1,000KRW
by 90km 2,450KRW 1,680KRW 1,050KRW 2,550KRW 1,050KRW
by 98km 2,550KRW 1,760KRW 1,100KRW 2,650KRW 1,100KRW
by 106km 2,650KRW 1,840KRW 1,150KRW 2,750KRW 1,150KRW
by 114km 2,750KRW 1,920KRW 1,200KRW 2,850KRW 1,200KRW
by 122km 2,850KRW 2,000KRW 1,250KRW 2,950KRW 1,250KRW
by 130km 2,950KRW 2,080KRW 1,300KRW 3,050KRW 1,300KRW
by 138km 3,050KRW 2,160KRW 1,350KRW 3,150KRW 1,350KRW
by 146km 3,150KRW 2,240KRW 1,400KRW 3,250KRW 1,400KRW
by 154km 3,250KRW 2,320KRW 1,450KRW 3,350KRW 1,450KRW