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  • 01 - Improved Convenience of Passengers
  • 02 - Improved Handles for Passenger's height
  • 03 - 19-inch LCD Monitors above Every Door
  • 04 - All stations have escalators and elevators for easy transfer.
  • 05 - Moving walks are installed for convenient transfer.
  • 06 - Convenience stores not only for tickets, but also for daily commodities and beverages
  • 07 - Train Destination indicators are installed in every platform, waiting room, and passageways for transfers to show real-time information on operation schedules.
  • 08 - Train information displays on every exit indicate the exact time of the last train. Passengers do not need to run down and pay the fares only to discover that they have missed the last train anymore.
  • 01 Eco-friendly!

    The technology to create ecologically landscaped spaces with air-purifying plants and waters has been applied to Line 9 stations for the first time to improve the quality of air in 10m or deeper underground stations and create pleasant ambiences.

  • 02 Minimal roadside

    We have tried to connect subway exits directly to new buildings nearby to save budget and spaces on pedestrian roads. The canopies and ventilations that have to be installed on roads have been minimized in side and moved to sides to avoid blocking pedestrians.

  • 03 Designs for Women
    and Children!

    Considering that women and children have had many complaints about public restrooms, Line 9 stations adopted improved designs for restrooms especially for the pleasance and comfort of women and children.

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