Station information detail table
Station Korean Chinese Phone Address
VHS Medical Center 중앙보훈병원 中央報勳病院 02-2656-0938 117, Myeongil-ro, Gangdong-gu


The main facilities

  1.  •Structure : Island-type, 2 Floors, 3 Exits 

  2.  •Elvators/Escalators : E/V(3) 

  3.  •Others : Safety Control Room, All Stop/Express Train Stop Station, Convenience Store etc.


Exit information detail table
Exit No. Area information
1 Back Gate of VHS Medical Center, Seoul Seonrin Elementary School, Doonchon Middle School, Doonchon Patrol Division, Doonchon High School, Seoul Hansan Elementary School, Hansan Middle School
2 VHS Medical Center, Ecological Park Intersection
3 Iljasan(Mountain), Iljasan Urban Natural Park, Iljasan Gymnasium, Gangdong-gu Urban Agricultural Park, Iljasan Herb & Astronomy Park

Station information map


Convenient Facilities

Basic Convenient Facilities
Basic Convenient Facilities detail table
Convenience Cans vending machine Coffee vending machine Snack vending machines Instant Photos Tissue Vending Locker ATM Pay Phone Automated Petitioning Kiosk
1 - - - - - - - - -
Disability/Senior Convenient Facilities
Disability/Senior Convenient Facilities detail table
Disability Restrooms Elevators Escalators Guiding Blocks Braille on Handrails
5 10